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New Garbage Deal For Parish Residents


New jointly negotiated garbage contracts, the first collaborative gesture between the previously at-odds Pointe Coupee Parish and New Roads city governments, are expected to show a savings from the two current contracts. 

The two governments — led by new leaders, parish president Major Thibaut and mayor Cornell Dukes — together negotiated the contracts, the first joint service for the city and parish since a 2013 a rift between the former mayor and police jury.

The parish council voted last week to accept a five-year contract bid from Pelican Waste, which will bring in a new garbage can for each of the 7,993 units in the parish and a per-unit fee reduction of about $2 per month. The deal will net an annual savings of about $244,000 for the parish, Thibaut said.

The city on Tuesday voted to extend its current contract with Republic Waste to March 31 to align with when the parish’s contract expires. They also voted to tentatively approve the contract with Pelican to begin April 1, contingent on the council members finding no issue with the contract’s verbiage once they receive a copy of both the parish's and city's contracts.

The city council was handed a side-by-side comparison Tuesday outlining Pelican's and Republic’s bids, which is what they used to make their tentative decision. Both the city and parish are currently under contract with Republic, and in negotiation, Republic offered $1.30 less per household than it charges each entity now. Still, Pelican offered a deeper savings.

“We would not have been able to get that opportunity, in my opinion, without the parish working together with us, that’s not something I think I could’ve gotten without us working together in unity,” Dukes said Tuesday.

The savings for the city, with about 1,800 units, are expected to total $165,000 over the five-year contract, Dukes told the council.

Both Thibaut and Dukes have previously said the collaborative agreements are a sign of things to come, but the garbage collection contracts are a timely first step because both entities’ current garbage contracts expiration dates were looming.

Some of the additional negotiation points in Pelican’s contract include:

  • A Consumer Price Index cap of 2 percent. New Roads public works director Sal Rinaudo explained CPI to the council at Tuesday’s meeting as a payment made once per year to cover moving targets such as fuel and other fluctuating expenses the waste collecting agency spends to service the area.
  • New garbage cans for each residential unit.
  • A total of 10 recycling receptacles to be placed throughout the parish and city. Residents do not currently have curbside recycling, but the placement of 10 receptacles is double the number offered by Republic.
  • Make-up services scheduled directly before or after holidays