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Water Billing

Town of Fordoche




An Ordinance Providing for Water Usage Rates and related matters for the Town of Fordoche 

BE IT ORDAINED by the Fordoche Town Council in regular session convened that the Ordinance of the Town of Fordoche is hereby enacted to read as follows:

SECTION 1:   All premises using the municipal water supply shall be equipped with adequate water valves furnished by the municipality but paid for by the consumer in the tap fee.

SECTION 2:  Only personnel authorized by the town may make any connection to or tamper in any way with any water line between the source of water and a customer service valve.

SECTION 3:   The water rates and charges to all water costumers or users of the municipal water system shall be as set by the council.


  • All water service connections will be charged a flat minimum rate per connection in the amount of $21.00 $22.00 (twenty-two dollars) per month.  
    • Water service connection includes up to 12 head of livestock.
    • If water service connection is for pasture with livestock only, the flat rate will cover up to 30 head of livestock.  Additional head ranges will be added as additional charges as described below.
    • Convenience connections on the same property as a full service connection for the sole purpose of convenience will be charged an additional $1.00 per month.  For this purpose, a “convenience service connection” is an additional connection located on the same property as a full service connection and the property ownership shall be contiguous alone the main water line of the regular connection. It shall not be connected to any structure, movable or not, that will be used for daily living. It shall not be used for commercial or agriculture purposes either. The Town of Fordoche reserves the right to determine what type of use the connection is for.
  • Additional charges to the flat minimum rate are as follows:
    • Commercial  - $2.00 per month
    • Swimming Pool - $3.00 per month for pools over 7 thousand gallons. (18’x18’x42”)
    • Livestock  1 -  31 – 60 $3.00
    • Livestock 2 -  61 – 90 $6.00
    • Livestock 3 - 91 – 120 $12.00
  • Miscellaneous Charges
    • Late Penalty Charge $2.50 accessed on the 21st for any outstanding balance.
    • Disconnect Charge $20.00
    • Reconnect Charge $20.00
    • Shutoff notice fee $1.00
    • Water tap fee $150.00 $180.00
    • Water Deposit $60.00 $80.00
    • Equipment rental rate $40 hour. Minimum 2 hours.
    • For a one time customer such as a tanker:
      •  Hourly rate for employee for supervision fee
      • $20 first 10,000 gallons then $1.00 per thousand thereafter

 SECTION 4:  Charges for services will be assessed on the 1st of each month for that month and are due by the 20th of that month. If there is a balance due on the 21st, a late penalty will be assessed.  If an account has a balance due in excess of 2 billing cycles on the 20th of a month, a shutoff notice will be sent to the customer on the 21st. The bill must be paid in full by the last day of the month at 4pm in order to avoid service disconnection.  If a service is disconnected due to failure to pay as stated above, the balance due, disconnect, and reconnect charges must be paid in full before service is reconnected. The new monthly charge will be assessed when the water is reconnected.  There are no prorated charges/adjustments.

SECTION 5:   A service deposit as set by the council shall be paid prior to service installation to insure payment of all bills.  When service to the applicant is discontinued permanently, this deposit, less any amount still due for water service, shall be refunded without interest. 

Said Ordinance having been introduce on December 11, 2012, by Pat Smith, seconded by Teddy Gros,  notice of public hearing having been published, said public hearing having been held on February 13, 2013, the title having been read, and the Ordinance considered, a motion was made by Pat Smith, and seconded by Pat Smith to adopt the Ordinance on this 13th day of February.  A record vote was taken and the following results were had:

                YEAS:  Teddy Gros, Chad Hendricks, Ronnie Bonaventure, Callie Meche, Pat Smith

                NAYS:  None

                ABSENT:  None

Whereupon, the Ordinance was declared adopted:


                                                                               ATTEST and delivered to the Mayor

                                                                                February 14, 2013                                                                  

                                                                                Lisa Cormier, Clerk

                                                                                APPROVED and delivered to the Clerk

                                                                                 February 14, 2013

                                                                                Don Sonnier, Mayor

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